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Meta Deluxe Padded Seat Folding Chair

£29.16 ex. Vat

The Padded Seat Folding Chair Set by Meta Furniture is a fantastic folding furniture package that includes four padded seat foldable chairs for your home. Get this deal on Christmas NOW!!!!!

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Meta Deluxe Padded Seat Folding Chair

Meta Furniture’s Padded Seat Folding Chair Set is a terrific folding furniture bundle that comes with four padded seat foldable chairs. The Deluxe Padded Folding Chair is ideal for use in homes, schools, and businesses. It provides a comfy seat for everybody. Deluxe Padded Folding Chair, which folds flat for simple storage. These foldable chairs are extremely strong and long-lasting. These portable folding chairs are also built to last.

The Deluxe Padded Folding Chair is made to be comfortable. The seat and back cushioning on the padded folding chairs are molded to your seat and back to provide maximum comfort. These folding chairs are not only comfy, but they are also durable, which is something that not many other comfortable seats can claim. The most crucial benefit of these heavy-duty folding chairs is their ease of storage. If you’re looking for new, comfortable chairs for your home, company, or school, you won’t be able to go wrong with them. They are useful for every situation because they can fold flat and be taken and stored anyplace.

Foldable chairs offer an advantage whether it’s for a wedding, a reunion, or a requirement for extra seating during a family vacation. In addition, the chairs are quite user-friendly. By just pushing in the back edge of the back support and pushing in the front edge of the seat, you’ll be able to fold them right away. The chair simply collapses into a flat frame that may be kept along the walls of your conference room, within your school’s gymnasium, in your garage, or out in your storage shed.

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Light Brown

Item Height:

78 cm

Item Length:

46 cm

Item Width:

40 cm


Padded Seat


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